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David B Wolf

Dr. David Wolf discusses the concept of vibrations and their connection to matter. He  mentions his PhD dissertation on the effects of mantra chanting, specifically the Maha mantra, which has been found to decrease depression and increase life satisfaction. The importance of understanding different qualities of vibration and their impact on consciousness is emphasized. The discussion also touches upon how consciousness forms reality within universal principles and laws. The conversation then shifts towards finding one’s true nature and purpose in life, with mention of a personality test called VPI (Vedic Personality Inventory) that is based on consciousness. The goal of this inventory is to establish an empirical basis for happiness and fulfillment by cultivating Satvic habits and worldviews.


Dr. Wolf discusses the importance of cultivating satvic habits and consciousness for greater happiness, joy, fulfillment, freedom, and security. Dr. Wolf emphasizes the example parents set for their children and the need to create a safe space for open communication. He addresses concerns about child protection from abuse and offer general guidelines for protecting children from predators, including being aware of potential tactics used by abusers.

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