The Simple Living Reset Summit

Dominique Fruscella

Dominique Fruscella has studied connection with children her whole life – as nanny, home daycare & summer camp provider, volunteer abroad, mother, author, coach, and homeschool parent to her two sons. She is a life coach for conscious/spiritual parents and author of the book, Surrender: The Key to Bringing Your Child, Home, and Soul Back in Alignment with God.Her workshop, 3 Ways to Simplify Family Life Immediately, will help parents reduce chaos, stress, and pressures in their homes through simplifying 3 key areas. You will receive fun doable tips that you can modify to your family. By simplifying your regular day-to-day home life, you will experience more calm, clarity, and connection with self, family, Mother Earth, and God.

Here you can find the links that She is referencing in her presentation:
Core Values Worksheet

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