The Simple Living Reset Summit

Dr. Barre Lando

Dr. Barre Lando discusses the holistic approach to medicine, emphasizing the importance of understanding different levels and energies in healing. He argues that disease is not an entity but rather a lack of balance between different levels of function. Dr. Lando criticizes mainstream medicine for focusing on individual parts instead of seeing the whole person. He explains how medical treatments like inhalers only provide temporary relief and perpetuate long-term stress. Using techniques such as kinesiology, acupuncture, and German oracular medicine to erase negative memories and achieve real-time resets in the body. 

They also discuss the concept of karma as a memory that needs forgiveness. The speaker advocates for living in harmony with nature and emphasizes the healing power of being immersed in natural surroundings. They share their experience living off-grid surrounded by mountains and animals, cultivating medicinal herbs on their farm, and participating in a community-based model where each member specializes in certain aspects (e.g., cows for milk).

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