The Simple Living Reset Summit

Imani Mamalution & River Richardson

Paul River Richardson and Imani Mamalution join us in this session to discuss their experiences raising children naturally, homeschooling them, and wanting to get back to the land. Imani discusses the importance of building healthy homes using natural materials like hemp due to concerns about toxins in conventional structures. River joins the conversation and talks about creating a life outside of the present system by getting back to nature and finding freedom. They discuss their vision for Haven Earth as a bridge for people wanting to return to the land with purpose and create a new reality for future generations. Hemp is identified as an abundant plant with various uses, including building homes, making clothes, and providing food sources. 

Imani and River discuss the growing interest in hemp among young people, including a 16-year-old girl who traveled hours to meet them. They emphasize their goal of inspiring youth and creating healthy homes using agricultural materials like hemp. They also highlight the importance of bringing farmers back into the agricultural space by offering incentives for growing hemp. 

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