The Simple Living Reset Summit

Joel Rafidi

Joel emphasizes the importance of becoming an individual and putting oneself as the final judge of truth, rather than relying on others or societal norms. He discusses the need to develop self-esteem, rationality, and critical thinking skills in order to think for ourselves. Ben shares his experience of questioning conventional beliefs and highlights the challenge of navigating one’s own truth. Joel explains that everyone knows when they are lying to themselves and that acting with integrity is crucial for authentic self-esteem. They discuss the discomfort involved in facing one’s shadow and emphasize the importance of tolerating adversity for psychological growth. Joel argues against waiting for a mass awakening or relying on external saviors, emphasizing personal responsibility and active engagement in life. They also touch upon how our nervous system capacity affects our freedom to choose and make conscious decisions. Furthermore, they highlight the interconnectedness between body and psyche and suggest that real shadow work involves addressing both through psychotherapy or bodywork techniques.

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