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Ken Sperry

Ken Sperry, the creator behind New Atlantis, specializes in electromagnetic gnosis and regenerative electroculture. During this conversation Ken shares  how electriculture works for both plants and our bodies, emphasizing its connection to energy flow and resonance with the Earth’s natural frequency. This practice allows us to connect with our souls and raise our consciousness levels.


There is a connection between resonance, instruments, and the human body as a sacred temple. It’s no coincidence that many ancient temples were built to represent the human body. The relationship between geometry, symmetry, and harmonic balance can be harnessed in gardening techniques using pyramids for germination and magnetic antennas for energy flow

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 Day 4 Jan 20

18-19:30 GMT

13-14:30 EST


:zap:Making a Magnetic Electro Culture Antenna with Ken Sperry
Get hands-on in this fascinating session where we guide you through the creation of a magnetic electro culture antenna. Understand the principles behind this innovative technology and learn how to integrate it into your surroundings for a more energetically attuned lifestyle.

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