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We are pleased to provide detail infos for your participation in the Summit.

I will walk you through the steps you need to complete, in order to get your message out powerfully.

First, I want to mention, the Summit takes place from November 30th till December 6th.

Most sessions will be pre-recorded between Oct 1st to Nov 10th and are usually between 15-30 minutes.


Despite that, we plan live interactions in daily Q&A’s and Speaker Panels, usually between 4-5pm London time
(did I mention, I’m in Portugal right now?).
So that would be 10-11am Central US Time.

We are also flexible to adjust to your needs and to implement suggestions that support the audience in getting more independent from the system. 
That could also be a workshop
or training around a specfic topic that fits to the daily theme.



Ok, now fill in this Form and upload all that is needed to present either a Pre-Recorded Interview or a Live Session.

We ask for
RSVP’s till October 11th.

If you want to participate in a live session at the summit, let me know and I’ll send you a link to schedule that as well.

Once you have filled the form, we will send you an email that contains a link to my calendar to book your slot for the (pre-)recording. 

Recordings will take place between Nov. 1st – Nov. 24th.

There are more details for the exact flow of things after you have filled the form.

That’s if you like to have more clarity, but you do not need to know those details. 

I will follow up through email to get you scheduled (via Calendly). 

We will provide you with the exact Schedule of the presentations and detail infos about the Facilitation of the Live Event regarding any Q&As, Panels, that you might plan to participate in as as an participant or attendee, as well as Marketing Swipe Files and ready-to-use copy for your newsletter & Social Media Channels.


At any time during the planning of this Summit, if you are unable to participate in a Live Session, please notify us immediately and we will try our best to still do a pre-recording, that can be aired live at the time of the supposed speaking.

If you are unable to attend to a pre-recording session, let us know asap and we will do our utmost to arrange an alternate time that suits your calendar.

Again, before doing anything else, head over to our form and type in your data, so we can get you on board as professionally and effective as possible, so that we all can focus on what matters most.

If there are any questions outside of this box, just shoot me a mail and we can chat in one way or another.

And hey, I’m ready to support you with full force in any social media channel you have got, doing any kind of collab, shout-out, live-session and anything that spurs interest and engagement about your session on the Summit.

For me this is not any kind of Summit, but this is part of a peaceful revolution, a powerful change for many lives and I’m truly happy to be on board of this mission together with you.

Simple Living & High Thinking is a solution that anyone can chose to drop out of the unnecessary part of misery, that is coming from being a part of the system. Being more independent leaves us free and on purpose to choose a live that is worth living. Amen!

Feel free to contact me anytime you feel some inspiration to make this ‘awesomer’ or if you just have a question 😀

Ps: We expect that most of our speakers are well practiced in online technology and presenting topics in an interview.

Well, that being said, we understand if you are insecure or just not much of a techie. In this case, we can support you with giving some guidance about all things cam, micro, light, Zoom, etc.

Long story short, Here are some common sense tips to improve and streamline the overall experience for the viewer, we recommend:

-A lightsource in front of you,
-A quiet room, where you are not being interrupted,
-An empty bladder
-An empty (or not so full stomach)
-A fresh mind (which comes naturally to me if do breath-work, meditation, push-ups, a walk in fresh air or just take a shower)
-Using a Microphone,
-Muting the phone and desktop-notifications,

Ideally: contemplate all of the above timely before the event, to set a clear intention. And if things are not going perfect, well that’s life.

We just keep going. If you haven’t done it yet, let us know what you need in the form and we will cover your back. 

See you there.

Ben Bharat Berwing

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