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Veda Austin

Veda Austin takes us through a fascinating journey of her first experience with ice images, where she projected a thought into water and saw an image of a hand. She conducted a survey later on and found that 85% of people recognized the images for what they were influenced by, including the hand image. Veda also talks about the importance of understanding the energetic health of water rather than just its physical properties. Veda then takes Ben on a visual journey through her work, showing various ice images she has captured using different techniques. She explains her discovery of the fourth phase of water between liquid and ice and demonstrates how to create these images using simple tools like a freezer, water, imagination, and a camera phone.

Veda discusses the three stages of freezing water and emphasizes the importance of not overfreezing. She explains that water has three modes of communication: signature patterns, art, and hydroglyphs. Veda demonstrates her technique using a video and showcases different patterns in frozen water. She also explores facial recognition in frozen water, including her own initials and name at birth. Additionally, she shares examples of how water can depict human anatomy, stories related to spirit, animals, and objects placed in the water during freezing.

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